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Pakistani Wedding Photography & Cinematography

Our Philosophy

At Mian Visuals, we believe that weddings are not just events; they are beautiful stories waiting to be told. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: we capture the essence of your special day with a laid-back and unobtrusive approach, turning each moment into cherished memories that you can relive again and again.

We’re not just photographers and videographers; we’re storytellers. Our team consists of passionate individuals who not only document your wedding but also immerse themselves in the joy, love, and happiness that surround you. We create visual narratives that showcase the genuine emotions, spontaneous laughter, and heartfelt connections that make your wedding unique.

We’re not here to add stress to your day; we’re here to enhance it. We believe in capturing the authenticity of the moment, letting you be yourselves, and creating a relaxed atmosphere where you can truly savour every moment of your wedding.

We know that your wedding day is one of the most significant moments in your life, and we take our role in preserving those memories seriously. So, when you choose Mian Visuals, you’re not just hiring a team; you’re inviting us to be a part of your love story.

Let us be your visual storytellers, and together, we’ll create a wedding album or video that transports you back to the joy, love, and happiness of your special day. Relax, enjoy, and trust us to capture your moments, because at Mian Visuals, we’re all about making your wedding experience stress-free, beautiful, and unforgettable


 We’re forever in pursuit of the authentic.


The small in-between moments where laughter is natural and tears can’t help but fall. These are what we look for when capturing your wedding day. Although these moments last only a split second, it is there we find the truest depth of love. Capturing as many of these moments as possible so they last a lifetime.

 This is how we view our job, not just a camera taking pictures but a friend who is trusted to freeze these beautiful memories. To be enjoyed for all eternity.

Your Wedding Vlogs - Our Gift

Relive the Day

Emotions, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Our vlogs let you relive it all.

Authenticity Matters

We believe in genuine, unscripted storytelling. Vlogs capture candid moments, making your wedding story as real as your love.

Emotional Connection

Our vlogs go beyond documenting events; they make you feel the emotions and connections between you, your partner, and loved ones.

Share Everywhere

Share your special day with friends and family, no matter where they are. Our Vlogs are a beautiful and shareable way to include them.


We work discreetly, ensuring minimal intrusion on your busy wedding day. Relax and enjoy the moment; we’ve got it covered.

Timeless Keepsake

Revisit the love, laughter, and joy whenever you want.



Initial Contact

We welcome y’all to come thru 


Discuss Packages

We have a range of packages that cater different needs 



We usually discuss the entire day from start to finish to make sure we have all details covered.



Email confirmation of the booking 



We require an Initial deposit to secure the booking.



Read and confirm the contract that we send over. we will need some matters confirming 


Wedding Days 

Hooray ! we will be filming and photographing all the event days booked



We will provide you with the final products delivered to you by our new sister company wedimeo.com



Starter Package
£ 2000
  • Film
  • Photos (300 Limit)


Everything in Silver as well as:
£ 2300
  • Drone
  • Unlimited Photos (500 - 1000)
  • Cinematic Event Trailer
  • Cinematic Couple Trailer


Everything in Gold as well as:
£ 2600
  • Extra Candid Photography Camera
  • Extra Candid Video Camera
  • Solo Photo of Each Person On Stage
  • Solo Video of Each Person On Stage